Advanced Earth Engine 

Duration: 2 Days


The Advanced Earth Engine 2 day course is designed to build upon foundation knowledge to deliver high performing, well-structured scripts that incorporate advanced features of Earth Engine. Attendees will learn how to leverage shared libraries, functions and UI components to deliver complex processes that perform significant analysis on enormous imagery and feature collections.


  • Earth Engine Fundamentals or equivalent skills


  • Code Functions
  • Mapping and Iteration
  • Shared libraries
  • Classification and Regression
  • Reduction and Statistics
  • Specialised Algorithms
  • Advanced UI
  • Advanced Charts
  • Machine Learning Overview
  • Custom Applications Overview


Practical exercises

Practicals will focus on the stepwise construction of a script to do the following:

Day 1
  • Use the mean values of a time series of spectral imagery to perform a supervised classification of land cover types
  • Use a shared library to create a legend for the class map
  • Calculate a vegetation index, and use regression analysis to produce a map of vegetation health trends for the vegetation class(es)

Day 2

  • Carry out comparable classifications using two different machine-learning algorithms for comparison
  • Create a panel menu and underlying functions to allow the user to choose a classification method, and to create time series charts for each of the land use classes

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