Google Earth Engine Apps

Duration: 1 Day



This one day training course will cover designing, building and publishing Earth Engine Apps. Earth Engine Apps are a great way to share code and outputs using a consolidated app interface. With Apps, experts can use simple UI elements to leverage Earth Engine's data catalog and analytical power, for experts and non-experts alike to use. This training will provide attendees with all of the tools needed to create dynamic user interfaces for Earth Engine analyses.


  • Earth Engine Fundamentals or equivalent skills


  • Earth Engine Apps Overview
  • App requirements
  • Designing Apps
  • Widgets Overview
  • Labels
  • Buttons and Checkboxes
  • Sliders
  • Charts
  • Layers and Drawing Tools
  • Split Panel
  • Styling
  • Configuring Access


Practical exercises

The practical will involve the construction of an "Zonal Statistics" app comprising five panels, entitled Input, Configuration, Analysis, Results and Output. The Input and Configuration panels will allow the user to choose a dataset and set constraints. The Analysis panel will guide the user to extract information from the dataset resulting from single-click interaction or by the drawing of polygons on the map. Results will be displayed in the Results panel in the form of charts and lists. The Output panel will allow the user to set file names and directories from which the results of the analysis may be sent to Google Drive.


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