Google Earth Engine Foundations

Duration: 2 Days


The Earth Engine Foundations course is designed to onboard attendees to using Earth Engine for a range of Earth Observation applications. The course will cover Earth Engine fundamentals to provide attendees with an understanding of Earth Engine capabilities and how these can be used to deliver insights and outputs. Upon completing this course attendees will have a sound knowledge of Earth Engine and will have the knowledge to be able to use standard Earth Engine functions. 


  • No previous experience with Earth Engine is required 
  • Understanding of GIS concepts 
  • You must register to use Earth Engine at least three days before the event -


  • Earth Engine Overview
  • Code Editor
  • Scripting overview
  • Assets overview
  • Tasks Overview
  • Earth Engine Javascript
  • Earth Engine Objects
  • Images and Image Collections
  • Features and Feature Collections
  • Filtering
  • Reducers
  • Raster Algebra
  • Iterating
  • Visualisation
  • Geospatial Algorithms
  • Exporting
  • Interfacing
  • Asset Management
  • Organisation Repositories


Practical exercises

  • Import a shapefile with zones of interest between hard-coded dates
  • Zoom to Bounds
  • Import imagery and create visual mosaic using median of three bands
  • Calculate NDVI over all imagery
  • Create a mosaic over region
  • Extract mean NDVI value for whole mosaic and report to console
  • Extract NDVI values for each zone and print to console
  • Extract NDVI over time and plot chart to console
  • Plot a raster demonstrating change over time

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